Seymour-Hannah Sports Centre

Description: This project was completed in September 2005. The project consisted of the construction of four new arenas with a common area with dining facilities, pro shop and community rooms. Each of the four arenas had localized dressing rooms and washroom facilities. The mechanical rooms were Duplex (one mechanical room) per two arenas.


  • Central heating and cooling units over the center complex.
  • High efficiency infrared heating system for spectator areas.
  • Washrooms and locker facilities for each of the arena.
  • Snow melt mechanical system.
  • Mechanical facilities for the central kitchen area.
  • Rain water leaders and underground storm systems.
  • Make up air systems.
  • Mechanical services to the refrigeration facility.
  • CO2 systems and interlocks with MAU and Fans.
  • High pressure natural gas system.

Engineer: TMP Niagara

View the Reference Letter for this project.

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